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Mike & Bonnie Roylance's

2016 Long Beach Red Coupe

John & Vicky Kingston's

1998 Torch Red Convertible
Eastside Corvette Club is dedicated to being a fun club for fun people who want to drive their Corvettes to fun places and do fun things. To achieve this, the direction and activities of ECC are determined by the members, for the members.

Robert and Shauna Bean's

79 L48 and 94 LT1 Roadster

Stan & Billi Trask’s

2014 Cyber Gray Metallic Coupe

John Henderson & Genie Holt's

1998 Torch Red Coupe

George & Vicki Rinehart’s

2015 Crystal Red Coupe

Russ and Stephanie Siverling's

2014 Night Race Blue Coupe

Paul & Pat Luczyk's

2001 Torch Red Roadster

Mike & Bonnie Roylance's

2006 Monterey Red Coupe

Todd Hodgen & Margaret Wojcicki's

1999 Navy Blue Coupe

John & Sandy Kamm's

2014 Lime Rock Green Convertible

Susie and Dale Robert's

2013 427 Convertible

Bill & Nancy Benn's

2000 Quicksilver Convertible

Brad & Linda Shallenberger's

2014 Cyber Gray Metallic Convertible with Kalahari Top

Stan & Billi Trask’s

1963 Riverside Red
Split Window Coupe

Al & Suzi Larpenteur's

2014 Black Convertible

John & Sandy Kamm's

1991 Artic White Convertible

Member Cars

Check out the latest images of our club member’s corvettes!

Paul & Tricia Muskin's

2003 50th Anniversary Convertible

Frank & Roxanne Diss'

1967 Maroon Convertible

Karen Breen-James & Kim Sharp's

1993 Ruby Red Coupe

Bob and Jo Spurr's

1975 Steel Blue Convertible

Dick & Molly Baker's

2006 Velocity Yellow Z06

Dennis & Lorrie Montgomery’s

2006 Monterey Red Convertible

Mark and Penny Lundquist's

1999 Torch Red Convertible

Paul & Tricia Muskin's

2001 Black Convertible