Paul Allen's Flying Heritage Collection & Museum, Paine Field, June 2017

                Eastern WA Wine Tour August 2015                           

​Speedway Car Show July 2016

​​​2016 Events

        Casino Tour, November 2015           

        Rhodes River Ranch, April 2016       

Willamette Valley Wine Tour, September 2017

2018 Events

Corvettes of Grays Harbor at WestPort, September 2017

Corvettes at the Colvilles 12 Tribes Casino, June 2017       

​​         Corvettes on the Columbia June 2016                                               

Crystal Mt. Day Trip, August 2016

        Glass Blowing, January 2016                      

​               2017 Events​ 

       Whidbey Island Tour May 2016                                      

      Wine & Cheese Party, December 2015                      

   2015  Events 

(Our First Year)

Christmas Dinner at 13 Coins, Bellevue, Dec. 2017

Glass Blowing, February 2017

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Glass Blowing & Lunch at Chinooks January 2018